About the OKB

The Oregon Knowledge Bank (OKB) is a resource for and created by the public safety community in Oregon. The OKB focuses on Oregon: its innovative policing, corrections, and community supervision programs; research conducted on criminal justice initiatives here; and public safety agency profiles.

Oregon’s 2014 Justice Reinvestment Act (HB 3194) strongly promotes the use of evidence-based practices and cost-effective programs. The statute charges the newly created Center for Policing Excellence (or CPE, an initiative of the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training) with fostering interaction between law enforcement researchers and practitioners. The law also holds the Oregon Criminal Justice Commission (CJC) responsible for tasks related to sharing information and encouraging the use of best practices throughout the state’s criminal justice system.

In 2015, the CPE and CJC collaborated to design and develop the Oregon Knowledge Bank as a resource to fulfill these mandates.

The OKB is guided by two complementary goals: The first is to become the go-to resource for criminal justice practitioners in Oregon for best and promising practices. The second goal is to encourage public safety practitioners statewide to use evidence-based practices and problem-solving methods.

Our Features

The OKB is designed to help criminal justice practitioners find answers to common problems. You’ll find information about successful strategies (Programs), proven interventions (Research), and the organizations that have local expertise and experience (Agency Directory) in Oregon.


Summaries of public safety programs
operating in Oregon


Summaries of research studies conducted on
Oregon-based initiatives

Agency Directory

Profiles of Oregon public safety agencies, highlighting specialized units and expertise

This website is unique because it features Oregon-based solutions and research; the solutions come from local practitioners with firsthand experience. But the OKB’s success depends on receiving contributions from public safety professionals statewide. Submit your program(s) today.

Contact the OKB with your questions and comments. We would love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Oregon Knowledge Bank (OKB) is a partnership between the Center for Policing Excellence (housed at the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training) and the Oregon Criminal Justice Commission. It was created and is managed jointly by the two agencies.

To develop and launch the OKB, the Criminal Justice Commission (CJC) used federal grant funds received from the U.S. Department of Justice in connection with the federal Justice Reinvestment Initiative (not to be confused with Oregon’s Justice Reinvestment Act enacted in 2014). The ongoing operation and management of the website is supported by state-budgeted funds and staff employees from the CJC and the Center for Policing Excellence.

The Criminal Justice Commission and the Center for Policing Excellence are financially and operationally committed to maintaining and updating the OKB, and they have made it a regular part of their agencies’ business. Staff members at each agency are assigned to administer, update, and manage the site. The OKB is also entering into a partnership with local universities to harness the intelligence and interest of graduate students studying criminology. The site also relies on officers and staff from law enforcement and corrections agencies to submit and share program information.

Yes! Your colleagues can learn from your mistakes. Explain what you think went wrong and how you might approach this work differently.
Yes! Any program you operate is a candidate for the Oregon Knowledge Bank. You may have tailored the program to your locality or added a unique feature. Even if you haven’t, please submit the program to the OKB.
The Oregon Knowledge Bank does not host any forum or email discussion groups. However, you can submit your question to the OKB and it may be included in the OKB newsletter.

No. The presence of any program or research summary on this site is not an endorsement or promotion of the content, policy, or program by the State or Oregon or any government agency.

There is no guarantee that you will achieve good results if you try to replicate any of the programs appearing on the Oregon Knowledge Bank. The program summaries are written by officers who have firsthand information about those programs in their jurisdiction. In the future, the OKB may ask local graduate students in criminology to review and confirm program results. For now, the OKB relies on its users to report any inaccuracies or misrepresentations. Contact the OKB if you have such concerns and the program summary will be reviewed and modified if necessary.

You can complete and submit the OKB Program Submission form. The Submit Program tab is on the upper right side of each website page; there is also a link on the bottom right side of each page. If you need or would like assistance completing the form, contact the OKB. We are here to help.

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