Agency Directory

Oregon has more than 200 law enforcement agencies, including police departments, sheriffs’ offices, and community corrections agencies. When complete, the OKB Agency Directory will contain a listing for each agency, which will include basic facts (such as, the county in which it is located, the number of sworn officers, the size of the population it oversees, etc.) as well as the agency’s specialized teams and units. Search the directory by sorting the different categories or typing in a search term; or just click on an agency name and view the full profile.

In partnership with Portland State University, the OKB launched an online questionnaire that is being used to enhance and improve the Agency Directory.

Thank you to all the agencies that completed the agency survey that the OKB launched in partnership with Portland State University. The results are currently being analyzed. The OKB Agency Directory is being redesigned and will relaunch later this summer to include all of the results. Until then, we appreciate your patience and hope that the current Agency Directory proves useful.