Portland Crime Prevention and Livability

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Stephanie Reynolds, Crime Prevention

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Theresa Marchetti, Livability

1221 SW 4th Avenue, Portland OR 97204

(503) 823-4000

ONI Services

Portland’s Crime Prevention and Livability Programs are housed at the City of Portland’s Office of Neighborhood Involvement, rather than within a law enforcement agency, due to a strong focus on direct community involvement.

Crime Prevention

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Crime Prevention organizes and supports community partnerships to prevent crime and the fear of crime. Twelve staff members provide: (1) problem-solving advice and coaching on chronic problem locations and issues; (2) educational materials and training on crime prevention techniques; and (3) community organizing such as Neighborhood Watch and Community Foot Patrols.

Graffiti Abatement Program

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Works collaboratively to clean up graffiti in an effort to improve neighborhood livability in partnership with the Police Bureau, neighborhood and business associations, youth programs, and other community partners. Manages a contract to provide free graffiti removal for small businesses and residents, and to address gang or hate graffiti. Works with mural providers to assist in location siting, prep, and preservation.

Liquor Licensing Program

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Engages the community in policy making around alcohol related concerns. Works collaboratively with state and city agencies, neighborhood associations, and community members to help ensure that licensed establishments do not unreasonably impact the community in a negative manner. Problem solves nuisance activities and public safety incidents in collaboration with Portland Police, Fire Bureau and other City Agencies.

Marijuana Policy Program

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Engages the community and newly formed Marijuana Industry in policy development to ensure the safety and livability of our neighborhoods through a balanced approach. Provides regulatory framework to address environmental impacts through collaboration and clear guidelines and expectations to mitigate harmful impacts.

Noise Control Program

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Advocates for mitigation of noise in a densely populated city by bringing community voice to decision makers. Enforces provisions of the City’s noise code, helping resolve community noise concerns. Works with industries and event organizers to proactively address noise concerns through variance process.