Agencies throughout Oregon face similar crime and public safety challenges. Around the state, individual agencies respond to these problems in various ways, often with results that merit duplication. The Oregon Knowledge Bank collects successful solutions from the people implementing the programs and shares the information and findings with the Oregon public safety community.

The OKB program descriptions provide practical, concise information about a problem, the solution, the outcome, and relevant advice. You’ll also find contact information for the person who submitted the program information, so that you can go to the source if you have additional questions.

OKB uses the Scanning, Analysis, Response, and Assessment (SARA) model to collect and present program information. This proactive and strategic method is used widely in Oregon and beyond to solve crime and public safety problems.

Policing Programs

MUNICIPAL POLICE DEPARTMENTS and county sheriffs’ offices operate a wealth of programs aimed at preventing crime, reducing victimization, and improving community residents’ quality of life. Professionals in the field share solutions about chronic nuisance offenders, interacting with people who are mentally ill, policing high-crime areas, and more. Search here to learn about successful interventions your colleagues in Oregon are using.

Correctional Programs

COMMUNITY CORRECTIONS AGENCIES across Oregon operate programs for probationers and parolees that reduce recidivism, improve public safety, and minimize victimization. Sheriffs’ offices operate jail-based programs that keep staff and people in custody safe and secure. Your colleagues share information about supervising sex offenders, prerelease planning, risk assessments, jail-based treatment programs and more. Search here to learn about innovative practices that agencies in Oregon are implementing.