Program evaluation results and research are important factors to consider when making programming, policy, and funding decisions. In a survey conducted by the Oregon Knowledge Bank, the vast majority of respondents (87 percent) agreed that information from research organizations is useful when solving crime and public safety problems. Yet for the most part, Oregon public safety professionals rarely if ever rely directly on research and evaluation studies. They reported that the research they come across is typically conducted outside Oregon, relevant to large urban agencies, and not easily adaptable to real-world problems.

The Oregon Knowledge Bank aims to provide a clearinghouse of relevant, practical criminal justice research studies and evaluations with a focus on programs operating in Oregon. Our analysts have gathered dozens of reports written by practitioners and academics in Oregon, then created concise summaries of the studies to highlight the findings and describe an intervention’s relative success or failure. And if you seek evidence from beyond Oregon, the National Research section links to useful and reliable resources.

We are currently compiling short topic summaries for various research areas. If you would like to request a summary of a public safety research area, please send us a message, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


OREGON IS FORTUNATE to have national leaders in innovative evidence-based public safety practices. Dozens of research studies and evaluations have been conducted on Oregon-based programs and policies. OKB analysts review these reports and create accessible, practical summaries that can inform your decisions and help you solve crime and public safety problems.


SEARCH THIS SECTION for resources that provide reliable research and evaluations on policing and community supervision programs and policies, as well as other studies that focus on public safety.