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Dr. Shannon Carey, Co-President and Senior Research Associate at NPC Research, has worked in the areas of criminal justice and substance abuse treatment for over 15 years, particularly in the area of drug courts and cost analyses. Her experience includes managing, designing, and implementing evaluations of programs related to substance abuse prevention and treatment, and adult criminal justice and juvenile justice policy. Altogether, she has been involved in performing process, outcome and/or cost evaluations in over 175 adult, juvenile, family, reentry and DWI drug courts across the U.S. as well as providing technical assistance and training in drug courts operating in New Zealand, Chile, Australia, and England.

Dr. Carey has also performed several NIJ-funded projects including a current cross-site study examining process, outcomes and costs in reentry courts in the U.S., and past studies such as a detailed cost-benefit analysis of the drug court in Portland, Oregon; an examination of 10 years of data from the same Portland drug court; a study investigating changes in drug courts with the implementation of Prop 36 in California; and a paper exploring the 10 Key Components, outcomes, and cost in 18 drug courts in four different states. She later built on the 18-site study with more evaluation results and published a paper for which she analyzed best practices within the 10 Key Components using evaluation results in 101 adult drug courts nationally. Dr. Carey led efforts to build web-based tools in California and Michigan that drug courts can use to determine their own costs and benefits. She has also acted as consultant for the Portland Police Bureau on economic crime (such as identity theft) and juvenile offender issues. As Project Coordinator for the Risk Screening and Assessment Project of the Oregon Juvenile Department Directors’ Association (OJDDA), she was responsible for developing and implementing a statewide set of instruments for use with juvenile offenders and youths at risk of juvenile justice involvement.

Dr. Carey is a faculty member at the National Drug Court Institute and is a member of the American Evaluation Association, the Oregon Program Evaluators Network, the National Association of Drug Court Professionals, and the American Society of Criminology. Dr. Carey earned her Ph.D. from Portland State University in Systems Science and Applied Psychology.

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