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Program Submission Form

  • Short name of program
  • 1-3 Keywords to use for searching and tagging purposes; think about how the field would categorize the program
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  • Problem

  • Briefly describe the problem or issue that led to the creation of the program; why did the agency develop this program?
  • Briefly describe the impact the problem or issues have on individuals or the community
  • Solution

  • Briefly describe the program; hit upon the key components
  • Name the evidence-based practices that might be used by the program; list a notable research report that might support the principles behind the program; name any program or report upon which the program is based
  • Indicate the budget needed to implement this program; note whether any grant funds were used or available
  • Outcome

  • Include any outcomes that demonstrate the reach, impact, or success of the program, e.g., number of people served, number of calls for service, reduced crime rates, etc.
  • Advice

  • Are there any notable items that contributed directly to the program’s success?
  • What advice would you provide to colleagues thinking about implementing a similar program?
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    Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, pptx, jpg, gif, png, mp4.