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Eugene Safety Town

Eugene Safety Town

Eugene Police Department

Synopsis: A comprehensive two-week educational program effectively introduced safety concepts to pre-Kindergarten aged children.


Problematic Behavior Or Activity

Children who will enter kindergarten are at the age that they will begin to spend more time apart from their parents. Safety Town introduces safety concepts and helps give parents a foundation to build at home.

Impact On The Community

Many families are very appreciative of the opportunity. Teachers have told us that children who’ve gone through Safety Town do better as they enter kindergarten. Area pediatricians refer patient families to us.


Program Description

Safety Town is an incredible two-week comprehensive educational program that introduces pre-Kindergarten children to safety awareness. Children who will enter Kindergarten in the fall are eligible to attend this summer camp. (Sorry, no exceptions.) Safety Town is an important experience to help children prepare for their transition to a formal school environment and to make safe decisions as they spend more and more time apart from their parents. This program covers topics such as pedestrian safety, traffic safety, bicycle safety, gun safety, water safety, fire safety, personal safety, poison prevention, water safety, school safety, and much, more more! A certified school teacher provides most of the instruction and is supplemented by community experts and police department staff.

For videos about Eugene Safety Town, visit EST - Morning Session and EST - Afternoon Session.


This year, camp expenses were $6,285.35. This was mostly funded by camper registration fees.

We were able to solicit community sponsors and donations to assist us with purchasing the needed equipment, town mat, houses, and pedal cars.


Program Impact

Children are better prepared. Parents have a foundation and resources with which to build on.

Critical Success Factors

Support from the community and the families whose children have attended, along with great teachers and staff.

Lessons Learned

While the commitment is great, it’s worth the investment in the safety and future of our children. Many in the community will help you out. Other agencies will help you get started.

Additional Documents

Eugene Safety Town After Action Report