The Oregon Knowledge Bank (OKB) is your statewide resource for Oregon-based public safety programs and research. The OKB highlights innovative programs operating in the state and research about Oregon-based solutions. Find solutions, offer answers, share research, and contact law enforcement experts. You can do it all with the Oregon Knowledge Bank.

Policing Programs

Municipal police departments and county sheriffs’ offices operate a wealth of programs aimed at preventing crime, reducing victimization, and improving community residents’ quality of life. Search here to find successful interventions your colleagues in Oregon are using.

Correctional Programs

Community corrections agencies throughout Oregon operate programs for probationers and parolees that reduce recidivism, improve public safety, and minimize victimization. Sheriffs’ offices operate jail-based programs whose priority is the safety and security of staff and people in custody. Search here to learn what innovative practices agencies in Oregon are implementing.


Are you looking for relevant, practical criminal justice research studies and results? Do you want to find reliable evidence of successful work? Search here for research reports focusing on policing, supervision, and public safety programs.

Agency Directory

Oregon has more than 200 law enforcement agencies, including police departments, sheriffs’ offices, and community corrections agencies. Many departments have specialized units and divisions, as well as local experts on specific topics. Search the public safety directory here to find them—and other colleagues—in Oregon.

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