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Oregon State Police Car Care Program

Oregon State Police Car Care Program

Oregon State Police

Synopsis: Vouchers provided to motorists cited for equipment violations  in order to lower the cost of minor repairs.


Problematic Behavior Or Activity

The Car Care Program was developed as a means to assist individuals or families that are struggling to balance the financial needs for everyday life (groceries, mortgage, rent, etc.) against the cost to repair a minor motor vehicle issue, such as a broken taillight or headlight.

Impact On The Community

The failure to fix minor motor vehicle issues can dramatically impact both the driver of the vehicle and those sharing the road with that driver. First, if the driver persists in not fixing the vehicle issue the chances of law enforcement contact and potential enforcement action increase. Law enforcement action can have a cascading effect on a person’s life – ticket issued, potential failure to pay a fine, eventual suspension of a license, etc. Second, the persisted failure to fix vehicle equipment issues can lead to decreased traffic safety for the operator/passengers and other motorists using the highway.


Program Description

The Car Care Program is a partnership between the Oregon State Police and various auto parts retailers. The program allows Troopers to offer motorists stopped for select minor motor vehicle violations a discount voucher that is accepted at participating auto parts stores. The voucher provides a discount that hopefully will encourage these stopped motorists to fix the underlying vehicle issue.

Based On Research

The Oregon State Police is tracking the number of vouchers given out to the public and coordinating with participating auto parts retailers to determine the number of vouchers redeemed for a discount.


Budget is minimal – the small printing cost of the vouchers.


Program Impact

The program has received positive feedback from the public and media. A better picture of impact will be developed as time passes and the program hopefully expands to additional LE agencies and auto parts retailers.

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