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5th Street Park › Coquille Police Department
Accountability and BWC › University of Cambridge
Adult Sex Offender Program › Linn County Community Corrections
Alternatives to Juvenile Detention › Journal of Juvenile Justice
Analytical approaches to studying stops data › Criminal Justice Commission
Ashland Peace Officer Decals › Ashland Police Department
Beaverton Mountain Bike Team › Beaverton Police Department
Bend Community Response Team › Bend Police Department
Bend Officer Resilience Program › Bend Police Department
Benton County Drug Court › NPC Research
Benton County Sheriffs Auxiliary Volunteer Program › Benton County Sheriff's Office
Benton County Transition Program › Benton County Sheriff's Office
Bike Theft Reduction › Bend Police Department
Building Partnerships to Address Unlawful Camping › Corvallis Police Department
Central Precinct Entertainment Zone › Portland Police Bureau
Central Precinct Foot Patrol › Portland Police Bureau
Child Abuse and Family Violence Summit › Clackamas County Sheriff's Office
Chronic Nuisance Property › Corvallis Police Department
Clackamas County Lethality Assessment Program › Clackamas County Sheriff's Office
Clackamas County Transition Center › Clackamas County Community Corrections
Clatsop County Treatment Oriented Intensive Supervision › Clatsop County Parole and Probation
Columbia County Justice Reinvestment Program › Columbia County Community Corrections
Comfort K9 › Sherwood Police Department
Commercial Crimes Unit › Tigard Police Department
Community Partnerships and Construction Sites › Portland Crime Prevention and Livability Programs
Community Policing in Portland ›
Coos County Downward Departure Specialized Caseload › Coos County Community Corrections
Court Appearance Notification System › Multnomah County
CPTED - The Commercial Demonstration in Portland, Oregon › Portland Police Bureau
Crime Reducing Effects and Financial Impact of Improved Lighting › Portland State University
Crime Reporting in Oregon › Portland State University
Crisis Intervention Team Center of Excellence (CITCOE) › GOBHI & DPSST
Crisis Outreach Response Team (CORT) › Marion County Sheriff's Office
Crook County STTL/Downward Departure Specialized Caseload › Crook County Sheriff's Office
Curry County Thinking for a Change › Curry County Community Corrections
Dallas PD Naloxone Deployment › Dallas Police Department
Dave Clark Trail › Albany Police Department
Deschutes County Crisis Intervention Team › Bend Police Department
Deschutes County STTL and Downward Departure › Deschutes County Adult Parole & Probation
Distressed Property Strategy (Zombie Houses) › Portland Police Bureau
Do Oregonians Know About the Crime Drop - 2011 › Portland State University
Domestic Violence Home Visit Intervention › Journal of Psychological Trauma & Violence Against Women
Domestic Violence Police Units - 2010 › University of North Carolina
Domestic Violence Reduction Unit ›
Douglas County In-Custody Treatment Beds › Douglas County Sheriff's Office
Drug Court Costs and Promising Practices › NPC Research
Drug Treatment Court for Women with Children › NPC Research
DUII Intensive Supervision Program › Oregon Judicial Department
DWI and Vehicle Action Programs › Portland State University
Effective Case Management With Domestic Violence Offenders › Portland State University
Effective Practices in Community Supervision (EPICS) › Multnomah County Department of Community Justice
Eighth-Grade Transition Program › Linn County Juvenile Department
Eugene Safety Town › Eugene Police Department
Evidence-Based Decision Making › Yamhill County Department of Community Justice
Exclusion Program › Clackamas County Sheriff's Office
Falls City Park Project › Polk County Sheriff's Office
Forecasting Street Robberies - 2012 › Portland State University
Functional Family Probation (FFP) › Multnomah County Department of Community Justice
Gilliam County Justice Reinvestment Program › Gilliam County Sheriff's Office
Grant County Restitution Advocate › Grant County Community Corrections
Green Hornet Wilderness Law Enforcement Services and Search and Rescue Team › Multnomah County Sheriff's Office
Harney County Reentry Court › Harney County Community Corrections
Health Assessment and Treatment (HAT) Team › Multnomah County Department of Community Justice
Illegal Drug Markets in Portland, Oregon › Northeastern University
Impact of Anti-Racial Profiling Training › Portland State University
Impact of Crime Maps on Public Perceptions › Portland State University
Impact of Police Behavior on Victim Reports › Portland State University
Increasing Performance Through Improved Shift Policies and Practices › Police Quarterly
Institutionalizing Community Policing › Portland State University
Jackson County Day Reporting - Managing › Jackson County Community Justice
Jackson County Release Assistance Office › Jackson County Community Justice
Jefferson County Native American Treatment › Jefferson County Community Corrections
Josephine County Secure Treatment › Josephine County Community Corrections
Juveniles in Sam Johnson Park › Redmond Police Department
Klamath County Gender Specific Supervision › Klamath County Community Corrections
Klamath County Jail Treatment › Klamath County Sheriff's Office
Klamath County Victim and Family Justice Program › Klamath County Community Corrections
Lake County Treatment Court › Lake County Community Corrections
Lane County Pretrial Services › Lane County Circuit Court
Lane County Reentry Program › Lane County Community Corrections
Law Enforcement AED Program › Prineville Police Department
Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion › Dallas Police Department
LEADS and Associated Services › Marion County Sheriff's Office
Lincoln County Transition and Programming Services › Lincoln County Community Corrections
Linn County Community Intervention Program › Linn County Community Corrections
Malheur County Jail Diversion › Malheur County Sheriff's Office
Marion County Jail Reentry Program › Marion County Sheriff's Office
Marion County Link Up Program › Marion County Sheriff's Office
Marion County SB 416 Alternative Program › Marion County Sheriff's Office
Measure 57 Drug Courts › NPC Research
Mental Health Response Team › Washington County Sheriff's Office
Mobile Crisis Response Team › Marion County Sheriff's Office
Multnomah County Justice Reinvestment Program (MCJRP) › Multnomah County Local Public Safety Coordinating Council
Multnomah County Juvenile Crime Prevention › NPC Research
Naloxone Deployment › Medford Police Department
Neighborhood Enforcement Team › Gresham Police Department
Neighborhood Involvement Locations › Portland Police Bureau
Neighborhood Park Watch › Lebanon Police Department
Neighborhood Watch Programs in Medford, Oregon › University of Oregon
NORCOR Reentry › Northern Oregon Regional Correction Facility
Nuisance Intervention Team (NIT) › Grants Pass Department of Public Safety
Operation 911 Misuse Reduction › Keizer Police Department
Operational Analysis of Clearview and Partridge Apartments › Keizer Police Department
Oregon State Police Car Care Program › Oregon State Police
Parkrose Initiative › Portland Police Bureau
Perceptions of Safety in Portland › Portland State University
Police Use of Force › Portland State University
Police Use of Force and People with Mental Illness › University of Massachusetts
Police-Community Relations in Albina, 1964-1985 › Portland State University
Policing Disorder - A Systematic Review › Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency
Polk County Community Corrections Transitional Housing › Polk County Sheriff's Office
Polk County Transition Services Specialist › Polk County Community Corrections
Portland Area Canine Therapy Teams › DoveLewis Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Animal Hospital
Portland Police Bureau Behavioral Health Unit › Portland Police Bureau
Prescription Drug Turn-In Program › Portland Police Bureau
Prolific Drug Sales › Keizer Police Department
Property Information Database (RAPID) › Portland Police Bureau
Public Contact and Perceptions of Police › Portland State University
Public Perceptions of Use of Force › Portland State University
Public Support for Prison Reduction ›
Qaxas Trail Cleanup › Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua, & Siuslaw Indians Police Department
Recruiting and Retaining Female Deputies › Jackson County Sheriff's Office
Reducing Chronic Nuisance Through Regulatory Policy › California State University - San Bernardino
Reducing Criminal Activities at Rental Properties › University of Cincinnati
Reducing Fear of Crime › Portland State University
Reducing Homeless-Related Crime › University of Pennsylvania
Resolution Northwest Victim-Offender Mediation Program › Portland State University
Responding to Mental Health Crisis Calls ›
Security Camera Registration and Mapping (SCRAM) › Medford Police Department
Sex Offender Monitoring and Compliance › Medford Police Department
Sherman County Community Outreach Coordinator › Sherman County Sheriff's Office
Special Response Fee Notice › Corvallis Police Department
Specialized Crisis Response for Person with Mental Illness › Multnomah County
Speeds Signs on Rhododendron Drive › Florence Police Department
Squatters in Foreclosed Homes › Keizer Police Department
START Court › Multnomah County Department of Community Justice
Statewide Approach to Mental Health and Crisis Response › Oregon Association of Chiefs of Police & Oregon State Sheriff's Association
Student Opportunity for Achieving Results (SOAR) › Marion County Sheriff's Office
System Integration and Resource Network (SIRN) Training › Multnomah County Department of Community Justice
Targeting Alcohol Use and Abuse to Reduce Crime in a University Town › Corvallis Police Department
Telecommunications Public Outreach › Emergency Communications of Southern Oregon
The Albina and Killingsworth Collaboration › Portland Police Bureau
The Effect of Police Enforcement on Roadway Safety › University of Oregon
The Effect of Trees on Crime in Portland, Oregon › U.S. Department of Agriculture
Theft from Vehicle Prevention - Letter Program › Eugene Police Department
Tillamook County Intensive Outpatient Treatment › Tillamook County Community Corrections
Top Ten Most Wanted › Salem Police Department
Topic Summary - Community Surveys ›
Topic Summary - Hot Spots Policing ›
Topic Summary - Legalized Marijuana and Juveniles ›
Topic Summary - Performance Evaluations › Center for Policing Excellence
Topic Summary - Recruitment for Public Safety Agencies › Center for Policing Excellence
Topic Summary - Wellness Programs at Public Safety Agencies › Center for Policing Excellence
Transgender Booking Policy › Multnomah County Sheriff's Office
Transitional Housing ›
Trespass Letter of Consent › Salem Police Department
Umatilla County Domestic Violence Supervision › Umatilla County Community Corrections
Union County Pre-Sentencing Assessment/STTL Supervision › Union County Community Corrections
Victim Offender Mediation › University of Minnesota
Washington County Integrated Re-Entry Intensive Supervision and Services (IRISS) › Washington County Community Corrections
Yamhill County Court-Automated Notification System ›
Yamhill County Day Management Center › Yamhill County Department of Community Justice
Yamhill County Pretrial Justice Program › Yamhill County Department of Community Justice
Yamhill County SMART Sentencing Initiative › Yamhill County Department of Community Justice
Yamhill Street Vacant Property › Gresham Police Department